• Stop paying commission & Start earning upto $3.50 per order.

    the old way of food delivery sucks.

    this is the kimbosabe way.

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Reinventing restaurant delivery

Grow your restaurant business with the HyperLocal Search Engine.

We're a young company combining couple of the best inventions in the last 100 years... sharing economy, virtualisation and the internet.

This lets us replace awful industry practices, like unforgiving delivery App commissions and overpricing, with a complete experience, from high-tech hyperlocal Engine through to instant delivery.

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Food delivery

because life's too short to worry about dumb stuff like this:

Paying high commission to Delivery Apps

Wasting a whole day waiting for delivery guy to pick up 

Losing money due to delivery failures 

Food made with love, but not delivered with care 

​Fake restaurants in the delivery marketplace

​Orchestration software for the deliveries 

​Monthly subscription to get online 

A fix to the sharing economy

No Commission 
and no limits

We take a whole stack of aussie ingenuity and know-how, combine in magically our cutting edge tech solutions with a strong care to fix the Gig Economy, and deliver to the world with our trademark kimbosabe spirit.

Our no-commission business model means we can offer the best quality tech to get you online and help you earn money on every online order.

Get Online

Use our built-in inventory management tool to upload and organize your menu. 


Get the perks of our partnership, plus control and an extra earning for every delivery made.

Earn $3.5 per/order

For the first time, make money by getting your restaurant online and getting every delivery done.

No commission

We believe there is too much commission based tech-junk out there, so we built the Hyperlocal search engine to re-invent the delivery business. 

Keep pushing forward. 
We've got your back.

Get $500 worth of loyalty coupons for your regular customers. Promote your restaurant with our coupons and let customers know that you would will be happy for them to place their order through kimbosabe.

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Up to 30% more earnings on orders with kimbosabe

Make your online systems work harder so you can focus on running your business. Our data shows kimbosabe can generate up to 30% more earning on every order than the usual commission based delivery Apps.